This is me ^

This is me ^

I am a seasoned designer with a unique blend of UX and front-end web development skills.

9 - 5

I have experience managing design projects, taking ownership of the product lifecycle, and implementing efficient workflow processes. My passion for design began during a Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp, where I discovered my love for problem-solving and user experience. Prior to my career in design, I gained valuable experience in the hospitality industry, teaching me attention to detail and the ability to thrive in fast-paced environments.

Outside the 9-5

I am an intensely curious learner, and I carry that with me in every aspect of my life. I spend my time solving every kind of problem I can find including…

If we have the chance to speak, tell me about the last movie or show you watched, your favorite album right now, what you’re reading, the best meal you’ve had this year, what your cat did today (seriously, I want to know).